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  • High Security 
  • Perfect for Laptops 
  • LCD Display
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At Yale, we pride our selves in protecting the things that matter the most to you. The High Security Motorised Safes will keep your most important belongings secure and safe with a laser cut door for protection against attacks and with a pin code, you are able to gain quick access to your safe. Scare away any unwanted visitors with lock down for one minute after 3 incorrect attempts. The internal light gives you clear visibility of your valuables and the internal hooks makes it more convenient for you to keep your things organised and clearly displayed. Whether that’s your camera to capture those special moments or a sentimental belonging, we have the right safe to suit you.


  • Designed to protect cash to the value of £1,000 & valuables £10,000
  • Laser cut door for protection against attacks 
  • High security mechanical over-ride that includes 1 double bitted key
  • Locking mechanism with two anti saw locking bolts (20mm)
  • PIN code access
  • Lock down for one minute after three incorrect attempts
  • Must be securely mounted with fixings provided to a wall or floor.
  • Protect documents, jewellery, keys or any other valuable items.
  • Allows you to insert a 9V battery(not included) for emergency power to allow quick access
  • Automatic door opening mechanism
  • Clear LCD keypad display
  • Internal light for contents to be easily seen
  • Internal hooks for hanging keys or small items


Total peace of mind - With a laser cut door for protection against attacks, be assured to know the things you need to explore the world with, are kept safe and secure.

One less thing to worry about - If you need emergency access to your safe, you have the option to use a 9V battery to gain quick access.

Flexibility - Even the small things can be kept safe and secure with various pin code combinations and your mechanical key over-ride.


Exterior H200xW480xD350mm
Interior H192xW475xD295mm
Weight 13.7kg
Volume 26.9 litres



Questions Answers
How many user codes can be registered to open the safe? The safe can be registered with two codes (a user code and a master code). NB: When first setting up the safe, make sure the user code and mastercode is set up.
How many keys are supplied with the safe? There is one key supplied with the safe.
What happens if I lose my safe key and the batteries run out? The keypad has 9v Terminal. When placing a good quality 9v battery on the terminal, the pin code or mastercode can then be entered and the safe will open (see user manual).
What if I forget my pin code or master code? Open the safe with the key, then follow the instructions in the manual to re-set the pin code or master code.
Can I turn off the sound on the safe? Yes, press √ and 2 at the same time. The display will state ‘SILENT’ and the sound will remain off until √ and 2 is pressed again and the display will state ‘BUZZER’ to confirm the sound is back on.
Is the safe supplied with fixings? The safe is supplied with fixings. The safe can be mounted to the floor or the wall.


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Weitere Informationen
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